GYROTONIC Level 1 Trainer

The education for GYROTONIC trainer is  a major challenge for body and mind because of the complexity of the movements. Therefore, any training is offered in 4 steps leading to certification:

The training to become a certified GYROTONIC ® trainer is as follows:

1. Pretraining

Learning to learn the basic program with the goal of operation and effect of the system on your own body. This is also a prerequisite to purchase a device for home use. With this course you set the foundation for a new experience.

2. Foundation Course

If you are interested to use the system professionally, then this course offers a deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge of the system and adds methodology / didactics.

3. Apprenticeship + Supervised apprenticeship review hours

The internship offers the opportunity to use the knowledge under real conditions and to gain more experience. In addition, during this period the knowledge to be refreshed and deepened in the form of a supervision course supervised apprenticeship review hours.

4. Certification) – at least 6-months after the apprenticeship

A weekend seminar which again will set new impulses, which at the same time carrying out the quality of our own movement as well as the guidance of others is observed. A positive history permission for public and professional use of the system is confirmed by a certificate.

For a professional application of the system it is likely to be beneficial to have a job with which Gyrotonic Expansion System® can connect (eg physiotherapist, sports instructor, dancer, aerobics instructor, pilates teacher …)

GYROTONIC Updates und Workshops

Level 1 Certified Trainers are required every two years to renew their license by a 3 day update course, with a minimum of four hours a day with a Master Trainer or further Gyrotonic course with music, special workshops and Level 2 course or a specialized equipment courses complete.

(You can find the overview course options here:

Education Course at Gyrotonic Arts

Contuining Education Courses at the Specialized Equipments:

Leg Extension Unit (LEU)
Jumping Streching Board (JSB)

Specialized Workshops:

GYROTONIC ® therapeutical Application of Shouldergirdle, Pelvic girlde and Scoliose
GYROTONIC ® Level 1 as a Musical Journey
GYROTONIC ® Level 2 – Prog 1
GYROTONIC ® Level 2 – Prog 2
GYROTONIC ® Application for Golf
GYROTONIC ® Application for  Martial Arts
and much more Workshops for Dancer, für Tänzer, Tennis player, Pre- and Postnatal, …