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The Gyrotoner is also designed for a holistic training, with the focus on the shoulder girdle and circling footwork for gentle strengthening and mobilization of hip, knee, and ankle.

Both for the upper body as well as for your legs to move the orbiting cranks up individually adjustable resistance, as we already know it from the Handles of Pulley Tower Combination Unit. The feet cranks enable it to carry out a proper circle with your legs, whereby unwanted compensations are impossible and the coordination of the entire leg axis and rebalancing of the leg muscles are possible.  This real circle leg movements promote the active Narrowing of the pelvis (activation of the pelvic girdle), the hips, the pelvic girdle and lower back opened and strengthened pleasant; tension in the lower back can be solved.

The highlight in my opinion is the construction of the winches (Handle Unit) and their countless settings in different plains.

Can you use  the Handle Unit at Pulley Tower only on the horizontal plane, the winches can be here set up in every conceivable heights and widths and for parallel bicycle setting. You can use the Gyrotoner from the front, from rear and from the side, sitting and standing … – adjust the equipment depending on the needs of the trainee.