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The steady resistance is now only exclusively by the gravitational force acting on the body. An exception exists in the “Jumping mode”, in which in addition a long spring may hinder the takeoff and landing. But more on that later.

In the various positions which one can take to the equipment, the difficulty in execution is usually already sufficiently challenging and therefore no additional resistance are needed more. The common elements of the Jumping Stretching Board and the Archway are the propellers, which can be used in many ways on both devices and the parallel bars.

As the name suggests is the “Jumping Stretching Board” to jump and for stretching, but also very powerful supportive and hanging exercises with the sliders, the carriage and the parallel bars can be performed.

The peculiarity of the “Jumping Board Mode” is that the rail is height adjustable inclined upward at an angle of 45 degrees. The carriage can be adjusted on it, is set so that the body axis can be displaced parallel to the floor during the jumping. The springboard and the body axis form a 90 degree angle. This allows the simulation of a vertical jump in a lying position. The hip angle is at 180 degrees off and landing. Both “large high” and “short little” jumps can be performed. To complicate the jump, the carriage can be attached over the pulley on springs.