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Basic equipment is the Pulley Tower Combination Unit

The use of this equipment is versatile. On the bench you can sit facing to the handles, away from them, or even sideways for the Arch and Curl series moving and strengthening the spine. You can lie on the bench in all directions with either the feet in the lower or upper starps for the hamstrings series. If  you push the bench away from the tower, you can sit facing to the tower doing exercises with the upper body and arms, or even with your feet in the straps for legwork.

For the abdominal series you are lying on the bench looking towards the Pulley Tower with the starps around the ellbows or on his hands. The weight lifts you slightly up and helps rolling up. There are also some exercises lying on the floor in front of the Pulley Tower. To open the upper body you install a back support. Facing away with the back support behind you, you can do some wonderful exercises for the opening the shoulder girdle. Advanced exercises are carried out both standing on the Handle Unit and with the Pulley Tower.

The more familiar one is with the equipment, the more variations and exercises you have available.